Paradise Pool and Patio

New Pool Installation

Construction Process Excavation Design/Permits Our Design Process uses 3D software that helps clients visualize their backyard space. Excavation We specialize in hard to access dig areas, and can generally excavate in 2 or less days.  Pool Wall Built We use polymer pool walls that are engineered to last a lifetime and supported by concrete collar … Read more

Swimming Pool Discount – How to get a promotional price in 2021

In the spring, and summer I will be going back and forth with clients on their design for their proposed pool, and some clients will ask, “can i have a pool discount”? The easy answer is no, because we have a short period of time to get a lot of work done. Our time is … Read more

Advantages of Keeping up to Date on Swimming Pool Maintenance

residential pool cleaning

After building your dream pool, the mundane task of pool maintenance is needed. Luckily, pool maintenance is not as time consuming as it once was. A good maintained pool has numerous perks, but the first one that comes to mind is the beautiful appearance of a crystal clear pool. But equally important is that the … Read more

3D Pool Design Services

Over the top 3d visual of in ground swimming pool

Getting a 3D Pool design has numerous advantages. One, the ability to visualize the pool in your own backyard with your existing landscape.  Next the ability to make huge changes in a matter of seconds is helpful the homeowner and pool builder. Lastly the ability to help figure out exact cost of materials and keep … Read more

Help installing a pool kit?

A lot of interested swimming pool home owners are deciding to try to install their own swimming pool by buying a pool kit online. They purchase a pool kit online and watch some YouTube videos. Some are successful, some are totally lost and hire a contractor, and some are stumped on a certain step or … Read more

Benefits of a Mesh Safety Cover (perfect for a Cincy winter)

winter mesh cover

Protecting your in ground swimming pool from the harsh Cincinnati winters is a good idea. There are a couple different options, through I think a mesh safety cover is the perfect solution (affordable, strong, and aesthetically beautiful). Benefits of a mesh safety cover Mesh safety pool covers are made for long-term use, like closing a … Read more

Why Choose a Vinyl Liner for Your In Ground Pool in Cincinnati, Ohio

vinyl liner

Walk into most of the open houses today, and the first thing you’ll probably notice is an in ground pool. Today, whether you have a pool or not greatly influences the resale prices of your real estate properties. The condition of your pool matters too. And so does the material your in ground pool, Cincinnati is made … Read more