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Help installing a pool kit?

A lot of interested swimming pool home owners are deciding to try to install their own swimming pool by buying a pool kit online. They purchase a pool kit online and watch some YouTube videos. Some are successful, some are totally lost and hire a contractor, and some are stumped on a certain step or two.

We have worked with DIY pool kit purchases and have helped on one step, to almost the whole thing. Here are the most common areas the Do It Yourselfer will have a hard time to accomplish.


Some DIYers have a background with excavation and can do a good job, while some others think they sub contracting this job out to the cheapest general excavator is the right path. This is a really bad idea, and as over-digging will cost a lot more money in materials and time (labor). And its possible the excavator digs to the wrong dimensions and the liner wont fit (I’ve seen it happen). Know what your doing when you dig, or hire someone with experience with digging a swimming pool; this will save you many headaches.

Pouring the Concrete Bond Beam.

How much concrete to order? What PSI? Air entrapped? Will the truck destroy my driveway? My backyard is really far away from the street, how will I get the concrete to the pool? We can help with all of this including advise on how much concrete, what type, how many trucks, logistics, etc. We will show up and help you pour the bond beam and make this step super easy. Also Paradise Pool and Patio can help pour custom concrete steps or help finish the concrete deck (patio) around the pool.

Pool Plumbing

Some DIY get nervous when they plumb the skimmers as the fittings will be underground. Thus a failure in year one or two will be costly. One it will suck tearing out concrete, digging the back-fill and replacing the failed fitting (s) in a tight spot). Also this process will be costly if hired out. Let us plumb your pool and don’t worry if you glued that fitting “good enough”.

Pool Bottom and Hanging the Liner

Probably the hardest step  of a DIYer of pool kit is the floor bottom. We can install a sand bottom or vermiculite. Vermiculite is really hard to install for a first timer. This is a pretty small niche, and even a concrete guy would have a hard time finishing vermiculite. The installer needs to get the material level, laid out correctly and make sure no sharp objects (pebbles for example) are left on top of the surface. The bottom being off by a foot will absolutely make the liner not fit.

After the bottom is done. hanging the liner is next. Installing a liner is delicate step and knowing how much liner to pull one way or to “lose” a liner is important. These decisions are what makes an installer a good pool builder. Without the small adjustments, your pool liner most likely will have wrinkle(s) which defeats the purpose of a brand new swimming pool. No matter how much matter you saved doing it yourself.

Purchasing a Pool Kit

Along with helping in the labor process of a building a swimming pool, we are more then happy to purchase and deliver a pool kit to your Cincinnati house. We can work with all budgets, and most likely can help source a lot of materials cheaper then Amazon.

Designing a Pool

We use a 3d software, Pool studio, that designs pools and hot tubs in 3d using your real house, real background, and real landscapes. This is an awesome tool that shows you exactly what your pool will look like. We will design a pool for your backyard with as little or as much input from you. You will “own” these plans and can use these to build your pool by yourself, hire another contractor, or use us. If you decide to let us build your pool, the design price can be used as a credit for your pool purchase.

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