Paradise Pool and Patio

3D Pool Design Services

Over the top 3d visual of in ground swimming pool

Getting a 3D Pool design has numerous advantages. One, the ability to visualize the pool in your own backyard with your existing landscape.  Next the ability to make huge changes in a matter of seconds is helpful the homeowner and pool builder. Lastly the ability to help figure out exact cost of materials and keep … Read more

Pool leak detection in Cincinnati, Ohio

pool leak because hole in liner

Paradise pool and patio, located in Cincinnati, provides pool leak detection and maintenance services for swimming pools. We service  both private residences and business premises with the  aim of detecting water leaks. Swimming pools are usually meant to be watertight, although the effectiveness of the sealants used will deteriorate over time. While other parts of … Read more

Cracked concrete patio

cracked concrete pool deck

The first rule of concrete is that it cracks. There are thousands of reasons why the concrete cracked. Sometime cracked concrete is unavoidable. Conversely, sometimes cracked concrete is avoidable. Hairline cracks First I will talk about concrete cracks that are generally unavoidable. Generally a surface crack (hairline crack) is unavoidable and the concrete decided to … Read more

Swimming Pool Patio Guide

picture of a finished broomed concrete patio

What size pool patio is perfect? In most cases, an average of 600 and 900 square feet is well enough to cover a pool patio. That gives you space for a table and chair set, possibly a few chaise lounges, and plenty of space to walk around your furniture. Should you be planning to build … Read more

Swimming pool plumbing repairs

in ground pool plumbing repairs

It stinks when a swimming pool has a leak.  However there is always a couple of pool plumbing repairs that can fix the problem. Here are some common reasons for why an in ground vinyl pool is leaking. We also show  how to diagnose and fix the leak. Pool equipment leaks The first is to … Read more

Top 5 mistakes contractors make when building a pool

I have seen a lot of really awesome swimming pools  and I have seen some pools with some stupid mistakes. When building a pool, a contractor will do a lot of things differently then other contractors. However there are some things a pool contractor should never do. Here are some major mistakes when building a … Read more