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Benefits of a Mesh Safety Cover (perfect for a Cincy winter)

Protecting your in ground swimming pool from the harsh Cincinnati winters is a good idea. There are a couple different options, through I think a mesh safety cover is the perfect solution (affordable, strong, and aesthetically beautiful).

Benefits of a mesh safety cover

Mesh safety pool covers are made for long-term use, like closing a pool for  the harsh Cincinnati winter. Mesh  covers require almost zero maintenance because leaves, trash, insects, etc that lands on top just blows off. Snow and rain will drain through the mesh fabric. The mesh cover will help prevent the sun from getting through, which help extends your pool liners lifespan.  Generally speaking the mesh cover is strong enough for someone to walk on in an emergency, but should just be a backup measure.  Opening and closing a mesh safety cover is considered easy, but we are to help open your pool if desire to let us help out.

New mesh winter safety cover

For an in-ground pool that has never had a mesh cover, we have to measure the pool and the Concrete deck. Normally three feet of concrete around the pool is needed, but there are some solutions if one side is smaller or has a retaining wall. Next, you have to decide on the color. Blue and green are the standard colors, but with an extra fee almost any color can be purchased. The cover attaches to a bronze anchor that gets embedded into the concrete. This anchor gets attached via a spring that connects the winter cover to the concrete decking.

Replacing an used mesh winter safety cover

If your swimming pool already has a cover, make sure you don’t think it away. Most (99%) covers have a serial code. This code gives the dimensions of the cover eliminating the need to measure the cover. This will save a couple dollars off the price of a new cover installation.

In conclusion, mesh covers present an affordable choice for protecting your swimming pool during the Cincinnati’s winter. Along with being affordable, they look beautiful. Lastly, they are low maintenance and are a great safety backup cover for kids (or adults) accidentally walking over the swimming pool area.

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