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New Pool Installation

Construction Process


Our Design Process uses 3D software that helps clients visualize their backyard space.


We specialize in hard to access dig areas, and can generally excavate in 2 or less days. 

Pool Wall Built

We use polymer pool walls that are engineered to last a lifetime and supported by concrete collar and bottom.


Rather its rigid or flex plumbing, we are the experts are making sure your lines are expertly installed


Stamped, Exposed Aggregate, Stamped, or even a Travertine stone, we have multiple beautiful options at every price point.


27 mil wall liners expertly installed on a vermiculite pool bottom with normally customized liner steps or sundeck. 

Adding a new pool installation in your backyard creates a new tier of luxury to your property, while also adding to it’s recreational use. Additionally your new inground pool will significantly increase your home’s value.

Trust Paradise Pools to respect your property as if it was their own. We have gained a great reputation in the Cincinnati area, including the suburbs in Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Indiana. This  has been achieved this by offering the latest materials, computer generated designs, and extreme detail in our pool building craftmanship. 

At Paradise pools we work together to design the perfect layout for your dream backyard. Furthermore, we will add on any wanted accessories. 

Take your backyard from mundane to amazing by contacting us here or simply with a pool call at 513.884.2001

Partner with 1 Pool Company for an easy Pool Installation

One great reason to pick Paradise Pools is that we do not use sub contractors. For liability reasons you will have to pay an electrician separately, but that is about it. We excavate, build the pool, plumb, pour the concrete footer, backfill, hang the liner, finish the patio (sometimes in tandem with a separate company).

This helps eliminate any frustration by having to work with different companies. The general contractor can say the plumber is behind schedule and now the whole pool project has been delayed by a month. 

Pick the Perfect Materials tailored made for your swimming pool 

We design custom pool installations for every customer so their backyard project matches their dreams. We accomplish this by focusing on the pool materials from the beginning. The first big decision comes down to the type of pool: gunite, liner, or fiberglass. 

They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. One type I wont touch upon is a fiberglass as we don’t install those. Fiberglass pools can be a good option for a quick and cheap pool. Next we have liner pools which seem to be the most popular in the Cincinnati area. Liners are more affordable than gunite. They also have the advantage of being easier to maintain a good chemical water balance. On the other hand gunite is the most expensive, but the pool can have real tile, and the possibilities of raised walls tied into the pool. Vanishing edges and features like that can be easily accomplished with gunnite pools too. Also gunite pools can be built out of the ground, while liners will need a retaining wall if the backyard is on a severe slope. Lastly Gunite pools take a lot longer to build than a liner pool.  

Choose Luxury Add Ons for Enhanced Appeal 

Once the type of pool is chosen, the next decision is add ons. There are a million different ways to really make your pool stand out, but some popular ways are:

  • Waterfalls
  • Infinity Edges
  • Sundecks (inside the pool or outside)
  • Hot tubs (connected to the pool or apart)
  • Cabanas/Pergolas

Personalized 3D Design Process 

During the design process, our industry certified design team will bring your vision to life. We are to help you design the backyard. If you have a collection of pools from pinterest that you love, we can use those as inspiration. We can take that inspiration, and craft something unique to your backyard while still staying within budget. 

While we create the perfect backyard in 3D, we will also go over the construction timeline. Each pool project timeline is different and understanding the timeline from the beginning can prevent headaches in the future. 

Once you sign off on the project design, timeline and budget, we can begin getting your new pool installation scheduled on the calendar. 

Continued Services and Support

Some pool builders install and then poof they are gone. Once the pool construction is finished, we will still help out with any support or services that are need. For services we can help with:

In conclusion

Contact us today at Paradise Pools and lets get start your dream pool project now! Paradise Pools designs, creates and builds luxury swimming pools and provides great pool service to the following areas: Cincinnati including Clifton and Hyde Park, Mason, West Chester, Liberty Township, Anderson, Harrison, Indian Hills and Northern Kentucky,  

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