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2021 In ground Pool Specials

inground pool special flyer 2021

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******We have had to increase our prices due to inflation from multiple price increases on liners, panels, coping, pvc, etc.*****We start our base price out at 40,000 now for a 16×32, but remember that does not include hauling away any dirt, stairs inside, variable speed pump, heater, etc. I would say most projects end up mid 50s upwards. We are booked out for new pool installs till 2022. 

For 2021 we are going to continue to offer a 16×32 inground pool promotion for the Cincinnati area. It includes everything to enjoy a swimming pool, but I get a lot of emails asking what’s included.

The short answer is everything is including with the pool to make it swimmable. But here are the specifics of what you get, and what you do not get for the 2021 promotion new pool price. And remember we can add anything you want to make the standard pool into your dream pool.


  • Pool design including 3d mockup
  • Permits
  • Pool layout
  • Excavation
  • Temporary construction fence installed

Inground Pool Build

  • Installation of pool pool panels
  • 6-8″ concrete footer poured all around the pool.
  • Standard aluminum coping with option of premium cantilevered concrete coping
  • Backfilled with gravel or sand (depending on location)
  • Shallow end depth at 3 and half feet with a deep end of 6 feet (deep end can be changed for a small upcharge)
  • 2′ vermiculite pool bottom
  • USA made 27mil wall liner

Pool Plumbing

  • Sand filter, and 3/4 hp pump on a concrete pad.
  • All pool plumbing and fittings
  • 1 pool skimmer, 1 pool return and 1 lower suction VGA compliant (optional surcharge and recommended for a 2nd skimmer)


  • Rough electrical (private electrician is needed for permit and wiring, we can supply a name for a reliable pool electrician.)
  • Bonding around the entire pool and completion of bonding inspection
  • 2 LED multicolored low voltage lights

Patio Deck

  • 3 ‘feet of 4,000 PSI concrete patio around the pool. (low prices for extension of concrete patio)
  • Concrete deck includes 3/8″rebar tied in a grid style
  • Two stainless steel ladders with aluminum anchors

After Completion of Inground Pool Build

  • Full walkthrough with customer to come up with a punch list and quickly remedy any remaining issues
  • full pool class to teach how to clean the pool, & operate the pool pump and filter
  • pool chemicals for opening the pool

What’s NOT included with the special price;

  • any tree/stump removal that is in the proposed pool area
  • contingency plan for large rocks and builders during excavation
  • excess groundwater that impedes excavation and/or pool construction
  • dumping excavated soil off site
  • any retaining walls needed for pool placement
  • some liner choices
  • salt system
  • steps (either fiberglass prefab or custom concrete steps can easily be added for a fee)
  • variable pool pump
  • any custom drain work that needs to be rerouted due to pool placement
  • all electrical work besides installing lights to pool wall, and placement of conduits in pool backfill
  • pool heater
  • all gas or propane work needed for optional pool heater
  • pump, and filter placement further than 20 feet away from pool
  • any diving boards, basketball hoops, umbrella anchors, slides, etc
  • pool automation
  • pool covers
  • any and all fence work needed to obtain final permit
  • all landscape work around pool and/or the damages to any existing lawn that was altered during the pool construction period.
  • water to fill the pool

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