Liner Replacement in Cincinnati

Kayden's wildwood style for liner replacement

I try to be as upfront with my liner replacement costs because each replacement is going to be different and I want to be fair and consistent on how I charge each individual owner.

Measuring the liner

My first charge and usually needed is to measure your liner. This will be me measuring your pool length, width, depth to order the liner. Some owners have the measurements from the original build. If you want me to order off those specs, I will, but I can not guarantee the liner will fit or be wrinkle free. A rectangle pool is relatively easy to measure, but an organic one will take a couple extra measurements and some geometry to get a good layout so I will charge extra for organic shape pools, steps, benches, removal of pool covers, etc.

Shape, wall foam, standard cost

Next is the actual pool liner price. I charge a standard 424 to get started and then a 2.9 per square feet. A typical 16×32 pool would be 1908.80 assuming its a rectangle and perfect shape. Most pools are probably going to need a little patching to the floor, and new faceplates. The costs for these are listed below. Some pools were built with wall foam and some new ones were not. If you have a steel pool, I will require new foam if the old foam is in bad shape which is normally IS. This protects the steel (especially rusted spots) from tearing the liner and gives an extra layer of protection. If you have a polymer (plastic) pool wall, it really is up to the home owner if they want the foam. I would advise most owners to stick the foam on plastic walls.

Liner manufacturer

The liner company we use is kayden liners. They do come with a warranty, and standard with 27 mil wall. They are a small family business based in New Jersey, USA and are a pretty great company at making liners as that’s why I picked them versus Hydra or Taraliner.

Small extra costs

Next are a lot of small upcharges for different shapes, stairs, track replacements, etc. Most of these are upcharges from the liner manufacturer that I get billed for. Generally speaking an L shape pool is not harder then a T pool for the installer, but the liner manufacture has extra costs and will charge more money.

Thickness of the liner

The liners will all have 27 mils on the side, as the manufacture (and I) believe this area needs to have a little extra strength as that holds the liner, while floor rests with no load to bear. This also helps slighty on protecting the tile line above the water from fading from the sun. There is an extra charge if you want 27 mil on the floor. It really is up to the home owner if they want 27/27 or just 27/20 mil liners. Some liner companies sell 20/20 liners and that can bring the price down lower. I elect to not sell those liners as saving that 100 or 200 dollars in that area seems like a really poor decision.

Re-using pool water

Lastly, you can rent a pool bladder where I can pump the pool water out and into the storage container. When the liner is in place that water gets put back in. This is probably the most eco friendly way, but also can be useful (necessary) if there is no where to pump 30,000 gallons in your backyard. I would like use these on all jobs to save water, however they are incredibly costly and liable to break, thus needing to add a fee if they are chosen to be used.

Like always I will give an estimate for your pool and include some costs that I am pretty sure will be needed like a couple bags of vermiculite to patch the floors. If there are any major issues, like wall cave ins, massive holes in pool walls, liner track replacement needed, I will get in touch during the process and make sure we are on the same page with the next steps.

To get started on a liner replacement contact us, and we will measure your pool in person or via google satellites and some simple questions. Then it is 10% to get the ball rolling and have the pool measured. Then 25% more to get the liner ordered. 25% on the first day of liner removal. And then the remaining 40% due on liner install.

Liner Replacement price chart

Liner Replacement Base Price424 + 2.9 per square feet
Shape Charges
Lazy or True L15%
Geometric NON L or Non rectangle25%
Abnormal Wall height10%
Safety Ledge90
Curved Safety Ledge250
Safety Stripe45.02
Straight Slope15%
Shallow End Cove102
27 Mil bottom material25%
Mix-Match Tile22%
Extra material due to deterioration
Chrome Light ring150
Light Ring Gasket10
Wall foam300
Face plates18.15
return gasket2
Step Rod25
Vermiculite (pool floor)40 per bag needed
step gasket25
F liner track20 Per track
Step charges
Vinyl Over step prices122 + 25 linear foot
Wedding styl cakesadd 200 per tread
Textured step12%
Pool MeasuringBase price 110
Organic pool50
Covered step75
cover removal and reinstallation50
30 miles from 450115 per extra mile
Rent pool bladder (reuse water)always optional
1500 gallon50
20×20 6,500 gallon200