Pool Cleaning

Weekly pool cleaning and maintenance

Each week your swimming pool will get a thorough vacuuming to make your swimming pool spotless. This includes:
brushing the side walls or tiles
skimming the the top water for loose debris
emptying the skimmer baskets.
thorough vacuuming When the cleaning is done, the filter (if sand) is back washed. Then the water is tested and chemicals are added.

Once a month a water sample is taken and is run through computerized testing kit that will figure out the exact water chemistry to keep your water looking pristine and clear. After all that is done we leave a service ticket explaining what was done, and what chemicals (if any) were added.

$75 dollars weekly or a once a month cleaning at 150 dollars. The weekly cleaning INCLUDES all chemicals needed for maintaining the pool, while the once a month cleaning does include the cost of chemicals which will be itemized at COST.

One time cleaning and chemical assistance

We can offer cleaning and chemical assistance for a variety of reasons including:
To a pool in neglect
Big party.
This includes everything with the the weekly pool cleaning, but can also add extras like power washing the concrete, tiles, decking around the pool, and hand washing the pool furniture.

The price depends on the condition of the pool, but the price generally ranges from 200-300 dollars. Also the price of chemicals will be added on, but the chemicals are added on at cost.