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Swimming Pool Discount – How to get a promotional price in 2021

In the spring, and summer I will be going back and forth with clients on their design for their proposed pool, and some clients will ask, “can i have a pool discount”?

The easy answer is no, because we have a short period of time to get a lot of work done. Our time is extremely in demand and 6, 7 day workweeks or 12+ hour days is more then norm than the exception.

However, in winter most pool companies can take a breather. Some hang Christmas lights, plow snow or literally just sit back and relax with their family while waiting for the warmer weather to come back.

How I Save Money in Winter Time for my Pool Customers

I found out that I have extra time to spend on scheduling the spring days out and thus able to save some costs. If a customer wants a new liner, I can give them 25% off if they book before March. One reason is I will be able to group that house along with others close by. I am not driving from Anderson to West Chester to Northern Kentucky, etc.

I will pick a day in January or February and go measure 5 pools that are close by. Then in March or April when the weather is decent, i’ll spend literally all day just going around pumping out the water for all the pools. The next day ill go around and rip out the pool liners. Next day ill install 5 or 6 liners. Next day ill put the faceplates on the pool and look over any wrinkles and put on the finishing touches.

This process is extremely streamlined and I can also ship all the liners (usually Kayden Liner – ) at one time saving the shipping costs.

However when just doing one line on a busy July day, I have to spend a lot more time resources just traveling to one pool for the usual 3 day process (measure, pump water out, remove liner, install new pool liner, and screw faceplates+finishing touches) That’s a lot of driving for one house in the busy section.

Pool discounts for 2021

So NO promotions in July, but yes if you book now throughout the next couple of months there is usually a pool discount available.

This year we decided on doing 200 dollar for pool openings and 25% for pool liners if booked before March 1, 2021. We hope this helps some of the more frugal customers especially with how bad 2020 has sucked for a lot of us.

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