Paradise Pool and Patio

Pool leak detection in Cincinnati, Ohio

pool leak because hole in liner

Paradise pool and patio, located in Cincinnati, provides pool leak detection and maintenance services for swimming pools. We service  both private residences and business premises with the  aim of detecting water leaks. Swimming pools are usually meant to be watertight, although the effectiveness of the sealants used will deteriorate over time. While other parts of … Read more

Paradise Pool & Patio Can Ready Your Pool For Enjoyment

Paradise Pool & Patio Can Ready Your Pool For Enjoyment  Paradise Pool and Patio will help you to prepare your pool anytime of the year. We can close it for winter or open it in the spring or summer.  We are affordable, and dependable when opening and/or closing your in ground swimming pool Opening Your … Read more

Why You Need To Hire A Professional Cincinnati Pool Excavator For Your Project

cincinnati pool excavator using a bobcat

The first stage of any pool construction is getting the site excavated for your new swimming pool. This is where your backyard looks like a war zone. Definitely not the place to hold a birthday party or backyard BBQ. If you live in the Cincinnati area and want a swimming pool, a professional Cincinnati pool … Read more

Brief introduction to different heaters and brands

A pool heater that is a hayward

It’s quite disheartening that the swimming session will soon fade away especially for those of us residing in Cincinnati. But as a Cincinnatian or a tourist to this region, you need not worry as there other ways you can swim past August or September. Did I just say swim past! Sure there are two ways … Read more

Pool warranty

Swimming pool warranty logo

All pool companies will show you their lifetime pool warranty and/or 20 year liner warranty. There is a lot of fine print in the warranties and I try to be as upfront as I can be about what it covers and what the pool warranty doesn’t cover. Pool warranty (walls) Generally the lifetime warranty covers … Read more

Cracked concrete patio

cracked concrete pool deck

The first rule of concrete is that it cracks. There are thousands of reasons why the concrete cracked. Sometime cracked concrete is unavoidable. Conversely, sometimes cracked concrete is avoidable. Hairline cracks First I will talk about concrete cracks that are generally unavoidable. Generally a surface crack (hairline crack) is unavoidable and the concrete decided to … Read more

Building an environmentally friendly pool

There are many ways to help your in ground pool be environmentally friendly.  Some of the ways range from LED lights, solar heaters, all the way to using recycled concrete. LED lights I like to use  hayward lights as they seem to be attractive looking, and have shown to be reliable down the road. The … Read more

Swimming Pool Patio Guide

picture of a finished broomed concrete patio

What size pool patio is perfect? In most cases, an average of 600 and 900 square feet is well enough to cover a pool patio. That gives you space for a table and chair set, possibly a few chaise lounges, and plenty of space to walk around your furniture. Should you be planning to build … Read more