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Why Choose a Vinyl Liner for Your In Ground Pool in Cincinnati, Ohio

Walk into most of the open houses today, and the first thing you’ll probably notice is an in ground pool. Today, whether you have a pool or not greatly influences the resale prices of your real estate properties. The condition of your pool matters too. And so does the material your in ground pool, Cincinnati is made from. Pools are made from three materials – vinyl liner, concrete, and fiberglass.

Each of these materials has its strengths and weakness’. However, we’re not here to talk about the merits and demerits of using concrete or fiberglass in pools. In this feature, we’ll take a glimpse into what vinyl liner in ground pools are, and why they are good to install in the Cincinnati area.

A Brief Look into Vinyl liner Pools

For those who are not familiar with in ground pools, here are a few pointers that will help get you started on understanding them:

In the past, people installed concrete and fiberglass pools because the two were more common than vinyl pools. However, concrete and fiberglass are expensive to install, which created a need for a cheaper, equally sustainable alternative. This is where vinyl pools came in.

Made of thin sheets layered over each other, the vinyl in ground pool, is an elegant and widespread backyard option designed for the financially conservative homeowner.

Before making the decision to invest in a vinyl pool, here are a few factors you should consider.

For one, the pool itself requires considerable upkeep. Every six to fifteen years you would need to repair the vinyl lining. The warranty on vinyl lining is also short – 20years on average – and houses with vinyl in ground pools typically have lower resale value. However, this does not mean that vinyl-lined pools do not have their benefits. If you do not plan on selling your house, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of vinyl in ground pools.

Why a Vinyl In Ground Pool is Great for your Home

  1. Low Initial Cost

Of all three types of pools, the vinyl in ground pool, Cincinnati, is the cheapest to install. Its initial installation price, water fill-up included, falls a few hundred dollars short of its concrete and fiberglass counterparts.

  1. Non-Abrasive

Vinyl is sleek and non-abrasive, which is convenient considering how often your skin will come into contact with the lining.

  1. No Organic Decay

Vinyl is a non-porous material and therefore does not facilitate the growth of algae within the in ground pool, Cincinnati.

  1. It’s customizable

Vinyl and concrete allow owners to customize the shapes of their pools. The versatility of vinyl makes it possible to design and build your pool as per your specifications. Owners can dictate the shape and size (length, breadth and width) of their pool when it comes to vinyl-lined pools. We can show  design any type of pool you could dream and we can show you visually with our 3d software.


Sounds interesting enough for you? Then don’t forget to look us up the next time you’re looking for an in ground pool, Cincinnati installation service. For more information check out the company that makes most of our liners.


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