Paradise Pool and Patio


Pool Rehab

If you have something resembling a swimming pool, I can turn that old pool into a beautiful, brand new looking swimming pool with my pool rehab program.  I have repaired old wood panel pools where the walls were caving it. I’ve restored old gunnite pools with cracks as wide as four inches from top to bottom. Ive re-leveled swimming pools that were a foot out of level. Trust me, nothing is out of the realm of fixing and I love a challenge.

Wood panel pfool wall

Liner pools built in the 60’s and 70’s (and later too) were usually wood panels. They walls are braced and framed with traditional lumber and then plywood for the actual walls. This type of pool can last a couple of decades, but when the wood starts to rot, the whole pool structure is in critical condition. If the pool has a concrete bond beam (footer) behind the wall, that will help when rehabbing. I have taken down sections of old wood pools and replaced with concrete, or my polymer pool panels.

If there is no bond beam behind the wall, I usually suggest to build a pool within a pool. This is not cheap, but if you don’t want to fill in the pool, it is really the only way. If losing size is a concern, The panels can be taken down and more excavation will have to be down to obtain enough working room to rebuild the pool to original specifications. This is relatively hard to do, and is not the cheap, but can be done.

Old vinyl liner pool

My favorite projects are taking 1990 style pools and updating them to look brand new. The typical old pool has the ugly white coping around the swimming pool. It usually has one badly placed skimmer that’s way too small. It usually has one non working old big light in the center of the pool. Normally the pool will have ugly white steps.

I can come in and rehab the pool to brand new condition. I’ll remove the old ugly white plastic steps and pour concrete steps that will be hidden by the vinyl liner and make the pool look one piece. Ill remove the old skimmer, and install a better looking skimmer. Along with the aesthetics , the new skimmer will be better placed, and wider leading to more leaves and debris going into the skimmer instead of the bottom of the pool.

The white coping will be removed and install a cantilever concrete deck. That’s a fancy way of saying the concrete will extend about two inches past the pool wall, and will match the concrete patio. It looks awesome, and wont scratch or degrade in the sun like the cheap plastic (or metal) coping.  The lights I can install LED lights that can be any color with a flick of a switch or play different “music shows”.

Old gunnite swimming pool

Customers come to me with and old cracked gunnite pool thats leaking water. Most pool companies have said the pool is not repairable, yet that is not real case. I can make the pool structural sound, level and fix any plumbing issues. Sometimes to make the pool structurally sound I will have to go out the box with a fix, but there is always a way.

Then after insuring the pool is in good condition and level, I’ll install a liner track and put padding on the ground and the walls to help protect the new liner. After all that is installed, I’ll put in the new liner and now you have a brand new pool with no leaks.