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Advantages of Pool Cartridge Filters

Pool Cartridge Filters: Why They Are So Necessary To A Clean Pool

The job of a pool cartridge filter is to filter debris and ensure they don’t make their way back into a pool. A cartridge filter is one of the most important tools in your arsenal to keep a clean pool. Without it, your pool could be filled with leaves, dirt and dead bugs. Would you want to go swimming in a pool filled with those things?

Of course, you wouldn’t!

The great thing about a pool cartridge filter is that it’s not subjected to regular maintenance, unlike other pool parts. After all, it works automatically to keep a clean pool. You only need to check and clean it two times a year, at most. When you properly clean the cartridge, it can lengthen its lifespan and help keep your cartridge filter cleaning your pool at 100% capacity.

Bear in mind that of all the pool cleaning services that must be done, cleaning the cartridge can be a rather time-consuming process. Why is that? The reason is that it’s built up chemicals such as oil and calcium that stick to the filter. You may not be physically able to brush off these chemicals, but instead, need a chemical cleaner to remove them. Some customers just wash the filter off with a garden hose.

Remember to let the filter dry for 24 hours before using that filter. A handy tip is to have two sets of filters. When you clean one, just immediately put in the other filter. No need to wait 24 hours for the first filter to air dry.

Have us clean your filter

If you are not comfortable cleaning the filter by yourself just contact us. A highly-knowledgeable and experienced Cincinnati pool cleaner can look at your filter to ensure that it stays working as it should. Our pool cleaning staff has the knowledge and tools to take good care of your filter to lengthen its lifespan, keep the pipes clean and ensure the pool water is free of dust and debris.

Kick back this summer by hiring us for your Cincinnati pool cleaning needs

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