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selfie inside liner pool along with chemistry certification

The Short:

Brad Dieterich is a pool designer with a focus on bringing his backyard designs to life. He works out of a garage or at a pool construction site somewhere in Cincinnati. If your interested in working together click the button below. ↓

The Long:

I was born in the great ol’ Cincinnati, Ohio. The so of a property manager and a school librarian/support staff gave me a great childhood (and lots of swimming). Eventually I ended up at Miami University for four great years. (Oxford, Ohio, NOT that Florida institution). 

Next I started working with a local pool builder here in Cincinnati. The company was great, but liked to stay in their comfort zone and not push any design boundaries. I  found an  opportunity in the greater New York City area with a top ten pool builder in the USA (by pool & spa news). 

While there I had the privilege on working on some of the most stunning and amazing pool projects. While there were some insane builds (200 linear feet of a vanishing edge, infinite edges built on a mountain top, residential project over 1 million in cost, etc.), I also saw some  disadvantage on working with a big company. Numerous delays on starting projects, miscommunication with clients, sub-standard work with sub contractors, etc. I needed a new challenge.

So I decided to go back home to Cincinnati where I could take some of the cutting edge pool designs and new software and start pushing the envelope in the tri-state region. Back home in the big 513, I have found a great balance by embracing being a small, local company while still offering cutting edge designs that you see in the big markets like New York or California.