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Paradise Pool & Patio Can Ready Your Pool For Enjoyment

Paradise Pool & Patio Can Ready Your Pool For Enjoyment

 Paradise Pool and Patio will help you to prepare your pool anytime of the year. We can close it for winter or open it in the spring or summer.  We are affordable, and dependable when opening and/or closing your in ground swimming pool

Opening Your Pool

Paradise Pool and Patio of Cincinnati has the manpower, experience and tools to open your in-ground pool. Our professionals will work to re-install all related accessories – ladders, diving boards, pool cleaners, lights, handrails, etc. We will also put filters and pumps back together, replacing any seals and gaskets if necessary. We’ll even do a water chemistry check before leaving your backyard.

Closing Your Pool

As the warmer weather comes to a close, our Paradise Pool and Patio professionals will help ensure your pool and all related pool equipment is winter ready. We know that closing the pool correctly means less hassle for you next swimming season.  The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Decrease pool’s water level
  • Drain pool filtration, pumping and heating equipment
  • Blow filtration lines and equipment out
  • Insert water plugs
  • Cover filtering equipment and diving board (or removal of diving board)
  • Protecting your skimmer for winter

Additional Service

The winter season can be brutal on your pool and its equipment, which is why we provide a Cover Watch Service to diminish the possibility of winter damage from snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

Be sure to call our professionals at Paradise Pool and Patio so we can help ready your pool for the winter and summer seasons. Call us today at 513.580.pool or fill out the contact form.

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