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Brief introduction to different heaters and brands

It’s quite disheartening that the swimming session will soon fade away especially for those of us residing in Cincinnati. But as a Cincinnatian or a tourist to this region, you need not worry as there other ways you can swim past August or September. Did I just say swim past! Sure there are two ways of doing this: you can either take advantage of an indoor pool or invest in a pool heater.

Most people seem to go for the latter owing to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. But investing in a pool heater isn’t as easy as it appears as it requires you to figure out the right in-ground pool heater suitable for your pool and lifestyle from the three categories of pool heaters available in the market. These categories include: Heat Pumps, Solar Heaters and Gas Pool Heaters. Apparently, there are lots of researches to be made to determine the most suitable pool heater, and that’s why we took it upon ourselves to put together this piece of article.

Electric Pool Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are pretty economical to maintain and does not emit any gas contrary to the natural or propane gas heaters though they are more expensive to purchase compared to a gas heater. A minimum of 45°outside air temperature is needed to produce heat. Pool heat pumps are approximately 97% efficient and do not create unwanted noise in its surrounding environment.

They do not require gas, thereby making them safe to operate. Despite the fact that they do not consume lots of energy, heat pumps consume lots of power which therefore requires the services of a local electrician to make sure enough power is ran to the heat pump.

AquaPro ECO500 Heat Pumps

are one of the most durable heat pumps found in Cincinnati. It is great t in all weather conditions. including sitting uncovered out in the Cincinnati winter One of the outstanding features of this pool heater is the ease at which PVC slip fittings are installed. This helps closing and opening the pool. It’s pretty economical and requires 220v; 50, 000 BTU for 16,000 gallons.

Hayward HeatPro Heat Pumps

are one of the most easier pool heaters to install. They are specially made for those who wish to achieve quite operations. Its weatherproof shell makes it able for it to withstand any climatic. Hayward HeatPro comprises of a LED control panel and a titanium heat exchanger. You could make your pick from the 95K,125K and 140K BTU Models.

TropiCal Heat Pumps 

If you are looking for the right pool heater that will work for both small and above ground pools, then the TropiCal Heat Pumps are the pool heater which you seek. This solid heat pump is made up of a ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger which comes with a lifetime warranty and an automatic defrost protector. It sizes ranges between 50k, 75k and 115k.

AquaCal Super Quiet Ice-Breaker 

heat pump is an all season pool heater, this wonderful attribute of it, makes it an exciting piece. No matter how cold the weather is, you can always rely on it to keep your pool adequately heated. AquaCal Super Quiet Ice-Breaker can also be used in cooling down pools during summer. It’s made up of a bright blue digital display which enables users to easily have a view of its contents in even the sunniest days.

Gas Pool Heaters

There is also the availability of propane and natural gas pool heaters. The propane heater is systematically filled by a local propane delivery service and runs on LPG from a storage tank. While the natural gas heaters can either be electronic ignition or millivolt. The milivolt heaters make use of a standing pilot while the electronic heaters use a spark to light the pilot and are made up of electronic controls. Approximately 85% of pool gas heaters sold in Cincinnati are electronic, though a couple of people would prefer using the millivolt control system.

The most significant benefit of using pool gas heaters is the speed at which these pools are being heated. Pool gas heaters consistently raise the temperature of the pool to about 1° every hour while the heat pumps, and solar heaters raises it by to about 5° every day. This raise in temperature is solely dependent on the weather.

Jandy LXI 

Pool Heaters is a user-friendly pool heater system with low NOx and electronic hot surface ignition systems. Its control panel is made up of touch automation and back-lit display system thereby making it quite easy for it to be integrated into a couple of Jandy control systems. Jandy LXI pool heaters, is also capable of handling pH swings, high salt contents (should I add salt to my pool?) and it is durable.

Hayward Universal H-Series Heaters 

Despite the fact that this pool heater is not widely known among Cincinnatians, it is an excellent replacement tool. It comes in both natural gas and propane with a digital LED control panel making it pretty easy for users to operate. The cupro-nickel heat exchanger attached to it makes this pool heater capable of lasting for years even in salt water.

Pentair Master Temp

Pool heaters are an eco-friendly gas spa and pool heater that has been designed with a digital display and easily monitored built-in indicator lights. You are likely to forget its presence owing to its quite nature. It can withstand any weather conditions and quickly heat up your pool irrespective of how cold it is.

Another cost-efficient and environmentally friendly gas pool heater is the Lochinvar Energy Rite Heaters. It doesn’t require regular parts replacements, unlike other pool heaters, owing to the fact that it wasn’t designed to make use of gaskets. It can program heating cycles with multiple venting options automatically too.

Raypak Digital pool heaters are popular pool heaters used in Cincinnati owing to their reliability and friendliness. This digital fuel system is capable of running on 120v or 240v and will easily generate a pilot whenever the need for a heat arises. They are pretty easy to set up and understand. Raypak Digital pool heaters can be used on pools as well as a spa. They are durable and reliable.

We hope this gives you a brief introduction to different pool heater types and brands.

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