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Closing in ground pool

Helpful information on closing in ground pool and spas.

First step for closing in ground pool is that the pool needs to be completely empty of all debris. This step gets harder the longer you keep your pool open in fall as a lot of leaves can fall into your pool. Vacuuming the pool to perfection is important as anything left on the floor or in the water will become dirtier over the harsh Cincinnati winter.

Pool Chemistry

Next, the pool chemistry is checked, and chemicals are added. We aim for a ph around 7.2 to 7.6, calcium hardness in-between 180-220 and alkalinity levels from 80 to 120 ppm. Depending on pool size, and condition, algaecide, smart shock, and other various pool chemicals will be added to ensure a crystal clear pool for next spring.

Pool Equipment

While the chemicals are circulating, the swimming pool ladder, hand rail, diving boards, wall fittings, etc are removed. Some owners will choose to leave ladders and diving boards on over winter. However if in doubt it doesn’t hurt to remove them from the harsh elements of a winter in Cincinnati


Next the skimmer gets plastic bottles put inside of the skimmer. This will allow the bottles to expand and contract. Instead of the skimmer, which would crack. After that, all the equipment drain plugs will be removed. Furthermore all the unions will be loosened and the o-rings will be put in a zip lock bag. This helps ensure any water in the pipes and equipment can drain. If left intact the water inside could freeze. The frozen water will expand and crack the equipment or pipes.

Plumbing lines

First of all if the plumbing is rigid, the pipes will need to be blown out or RV anti freeze coolant added to the water (preferably both). Furthermore the pool lines inside the pool will then need expansion plugs. Expansion plugs are the little black plugs with the tie on it.

Conversely if the plumbing lines are flex, the lines do not need to be blown out. In addition no anti freeze coolant needs to be added.

Pool Cover

Finally, the pool cover can be placed. If there is not a cover already, I like to install a mesh cover. It is affordable, looks great, and installs by anchors into the concrete. Most of all the mesh cover is relatively inexpensive, and only takes a couple of hours to install.

In conclusion, there are not that many steps to close your pool. However if you would like a pool professional close your pool, we would be happy to accomplish that task.

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