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Steps to install vinyl liner for inground swimming pool

Steps to install vinyl liner for inground swimming pool

Most people want to dive into their favorite swimming pool in their back yard in order to obtain the best relaxation after a tiring day. In order to do so, you need to build a vinyl liner inground swimming pool at your home. Made up of the custom sheets of vinyl between the water and the pool structure, the vinyl liner inground swimming pools are available in a variety collection of designs and colors.

Here are some of the steps that all the people should be aware of, prior to the set up of the vinyl liner inground swimming pool:

  • You should ask the architect or the contractor to get the template for the liner measurements of the inground swimming pool.
  • You have to choose the liner color and pattern that will be lead to the floor of the inground swimming pool. It is better for you to give your choice towards the dark liner pattern that will eventually allows your water to be heated by the sun up to 7 °F (−14 °C) more than a light colored liner.
  • After choosing the liner pattern, do measure the swimming pool with the required tape. The tape will measure the longest measurement of the pool from corner to corner. If the weather forecasts say that the weather will be dry, then you have to drain your pool in advance. But it is not required if you have a mortar bottom pool. You have to wait until the last minute to drain in the case of sand and vermiculite pools.
  • Go through a detail inspection of the walls of the inground swimming pools for rust or any kind of damage. In such cases use galvanized steel rust paint to limit the rust formation in the pools. In case of damage of the pool’s bottom then repair it. Do use the vacuum pool cleaner to collect the excess water and wash and broom the pool from top to bottom.
  • Install gaskets and screws along with the tapes in the walls for coping and then hang the vinyl liners. After all these works, do install the vacuum through the skimmer behind the liner. You have to then position the liner to allow the air to be removed from behind it and also to eliminate the wrinkles.
  • Add the water to the vinyl liner inground swimming pool, and cut out the main drains when the water reaches to 12 inches. Then gradually fill up the water to 18 inches in the shallow end. Slowly remove the vacuum and continue filling the water. Install the return gaskets and face places and then fill the pool to the skimmer. Later on install the skimmer gasket and the faceplate to the swimming pool. Fill up the poll halfway on skimmer mouth, and then again start the system of filling the water.
  • Once it is being completed, add the chlorine shock and your favorite vinyl liner inground swimming pool is completed.

Do follow all these steps and acquire the perfect vinyl liner inground swimming pool at your home and enjoy swimming throughout your life.

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