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Green to Clean Pool service | Cincinnati area

Green to Clean Pool Service

Almost all pool owners have dealt with pool algae, especially in Cincinnati. Everyone knows it is not fun to deal with. However our green to clean service makes it relatively painless.

Algae can bloom from many different reasons, but usually pool chemistry, and inadequate filtration/circulation are the main culprits. We will diagnose why the algae has started and fix the problem, whether that be just with pool chemicals or cleaning dirty filters. 

Dirty pool in Cincinnati area that was cleaned green to clean



We will figure out the reason why the algae has overtaken the pool. Along with this we will net out any large debris inside the pool.


We normally follow Orendas green to clean system. .Usually we will add muriatic acid to get the pool's PH down to around 7.2. Then we raise the chlorine using liquid chlorine up to 15 PPM. After that we use a phosphate remover around the edge of the pool.

2nd day

After letting the chemicals work, we will come back the next day and review the new chemical readings. Along with this, we will vacuum and net the pool. We will adjust the chlorine, alkalinity, and PH while also added an enzyme to the pool. Not always, but if you are near me I will try to come back one more time to check the PSI of the filter and see how the pool water is.

Who uses the green to clean services?

Well technically anyone with a green pool but also:...

Real Estate Agents

Use our service to turn an unsightly pool into a beautiful focal point. We have quick turnaround services especially around Mason, West Chester, Anderson, Harrison, & Indian Hill

Home Owners

Many home owners try to clean algae up by themselves. Some are successful, but if your lazy, or in a time crunch we definitely are experts at getting your pool back to being clear.

Foreclosure / Commercial

Bank requiring a photo of the pool? Need to safely "close" the pool temporarily? We can definitely help and make it easy. Just let us know what you need help with and we'll do the rest.

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