Paradise Pool and Patio

Case Study – 3D Pool Design Rendering

Landscape and pool designed by the latest 3D rendering software. 

We took a mundane backyard in Ohio and created a tropical lagoon style paradise in their backyard. First our 3D pool design mockup was designed to be a rectangled shape pool with an automatic cover. After seeing the designs, the homeowners decided they wanted something less stringent. Thus the free-form lagoon shape was created. This was perfect and the homeowners loved seeing their pool in their actual backyard with their true to proportions house in the design too. 


overhead shot of 3d pool design
second overhead angle view of 3d pool design

Creative 3D Pool Design Process

The pool was designed for a typical family. 2 adults, and 2 kids (10 and 12 I believe). We went with a curvy pool that has a shallow end bench. Also we ended up with a bench in the deep end too. This served the purposes of eliminating deep end ladder. The home owner really hated the aesthetics of the metal handrail. 

Next up was determining the pool step location. I wanted to put in at the top of the pool to give easy access in and out of the shallow end. However the client wanted to maximize as much space for himself incase he wanted to swim laps. We went with a textured step to help the liner not be as slippery when entering the pool, but skipped the safety handrail for aesthetic purposes, and space considerations. 

Patio Shape

The patio was shaped to follow the contours of the swimming pools while maximizing the usable space. We went with ten feet at the deepest point for the deep end patio. Most pool loungers are 72″(6.6 feet) and thus we want to keep a walking width of 3′ too, thus arriving at the 10′ feet measurement. The path around the inner parts is also 3 feet. The minimum area need to walk comfortably around the pool and getting the most value for your money. The sitting area was customized to be able to fit a circular table, 4 chairs and a nice BBQ grill. 


The landscaping by the house was to hide the aging patio, and add some symmetry to the area. On the opposite side was a low maintenance landscaping bed to  hide a little bit of an overgrown woods while not boxing in the pool area.  We also added some evergreens (not pictured) on the property side to add a privacy screen from a neighbor. 

Our 3D presentations will go into details like different light placement possibilities, and liner and tile options. Most of the liners for the 2020 and most likely 2021 are able to actually be imported into your design rendering. We also geolocate your pool to the exact spot, and can show where the sun, and shadows will be on a specific date and time. This is extremely helpful to know if the pool will have enough sun or not. 

neighbors view of pool rendering
pool equipment 3d in cincinnati

The video and photo renderings are very helpful to plan out the small details. One detail I include on all designs is creating the next door neighbors houses at approximate elevations and then giving the neighbor’s pool point of view. This helps to see how much privacy you have or need to add. 

Along with that I include the equipment pad too. This shows the pump, filter, and heater. This helps show the size, in relation to its’ surroundings, and also where it can be hidden and/or do we need to add a some landscaping to hide it. 

In addition is the ability to turn on the pool pump with approximate noise and be able to hear how loud it is at different points inside the house and outside. If the noise is too much, we can move the equipment pad, or a variable speed pump might be prudent to purchase.